Documents Needed for Application

                    ____  Copy of Drivers License and/or proof of Social Security Number
                    ____  Complete tax returns – past two years
                    ____  Complete corporate and/or partnership returns and K-1’s
                    ____  W2’s – past two years
                    ____  Current pay stub(s) – within the last 30 days
                    ____  Social Security and/or retirement award letter
                    ____  Bank generated statements for the most recent two months on all existing accounts.  Must include the bank name, account holder name(s), account number, a minimum of 30 days activity per statement.  ALL PAGES OF EACH STATEMENT ARE REQUIRED.
                    ____  Names, addresses, account numbers of all creditors and current balances
                    ____  Divorce decree and settlement, if applicable
                    ____  Bankruptcy papers, if applicable
                    ____  Proof of receipt of child support, if applicable
                    ____  Copy of signed purchase agreement
                    ____  Declaration page of Homeowner’s Insurance Policy for all properties owned
                   ____  Current Mortgage Statements for all properties owned
                   ____  Property Tax Statements for all properties owned
The items listed above are the most commonly required documents needed with real estate loan applications.  As your loan is reviewed, however, additional information may be requested.
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